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Soul Connection Inc.


Exceptional Programs  and Individual Sessions in Healing , Relaxation, Spiritual Alchemy and Personal Growth


Soul Connection is founded on the importance of being connected to oneself, to others who share the vision of our connection to each other, and to all of life. Total well being requires a willingness to take an active role in the creation of health. Connection to body, mind, heart, and soul are essential in living a full and productive life.

Soul Connection is dedicated to assisting those who find themselves feeling like something is missing in their lives. In our busy, beta state we often get disconnected. We become “human doings” instead of “human beings”. The pressures of life build up and we begin to feel disconnected and separate. Separate from our joy, from Spirit, from ourselves and the rest of the world. Eventually dis-ease and illness set in.

This feeling of disconnection/separation, however, is an illusion. What we really need is to take the time to slow down and listen - Listen to our bodies and the messages they are sending us - Listen to our high wise self and the way it speaks to us. We need to take time to restore and balance our energy system and honour ourselves as energetic/spiritual beings.

Soul Connection offers many ways to return to balance and fully experience optimal well-being.


You are welcome to journey through our website and discover the many ways Soul Connection can assist you. You have found this site for a reason. If the reason is not immediately apparent please call or email for assistance. Knowing that something is "not right" and asking for help is the first step to connection. You are not alone and you do not have to do it alone.

Soul Connection is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Classes and workshops are held in various locations. Please consult the workshop schedule for location, time and date.

For a list of competent practitioners in the area visit the referral page:

Soul Connection also offers assistance to the children of the New Earth through our Reiki Kids program and the Reiki Kids website


Barbara McKell, Reiki Master in Guelph Ontario

Barbara McKell
Founder and President Soul Connection Inc.
Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master RT CRA, KRM
Transformation Sound Therapist
Passion of Life Breathwork Teacher
Axiatonal Alignment Instructor
Auracles Colour Therapist
Crystal Healing Teacher
Ordained Minister