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Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls

DVD demonstrating the use and healing powers of crystal bowls by Barbara McKell

A 30 minute Instructional Video in DVD format on the use and methods of working with quartz crystal sound instruments for healing and transformation.

Barbara shares her experience as a Transformational Sound Therapist and how she works with singing bowls in her healing practice.

Video Highlights Include:

Watch a preview :

  • How to sound the bowls
  • Use of the different striker and mallets
  • Types of singing Bowls
  • Resonance and Healing
  • Restructuring water with Sound
  • A Sound Healing Session
  • Group Workshop
  • Group Healing and meditation with the bowls

The cost for the “Sound Healing” DVD is CDN$24.95.  Shipping is $4.00 per item within the United States, $3.50 in Canada, and $7.00 International.

Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls DVD