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Sounds From The Void

Sound Healers; Barbara McKell and Zak Martin Kilgour have come together to create an alchemical soundscape with the elements of crystal, metal, water, gold and mineral. This eclectic treatment allows for a very sacred environment for the listener to explore their inner world unencumbered by melodic suggestion or specific language patterns.

Album Previews

You can preview 5 minutes of each track by clicking on the play button next to the title. For slower connections, please allow the preview to load.

Track 1- Aquatic Revelations
Track 2- Metallic Frequencies
Track 3- Harmonic Alchemy
Track 4- DNA Empowerment

This CD is designed for deep listening. While the Sonic effects are deeply transformational they are in not a substitute for proper medical care. For the best acoustic quality it is suggested that you listen to this CD with headphones or high quality stereo speakers. Do listen to this CD while driving.

The cost for the "Sounds From The Void" CD is CDN$20.00.  Shipping is $4.00 per item within the United States, $3.50 in Canada, and $7.00 International.

Sounds From The Void CD



Crystal Bowls consulting service


We offer a consultation service for anyone wishing to purchase a crystal bowl. This service can be done over the phone or you can come in person to experience the resonance of the bowls and decide which one is right for you.

This service is especially valuable for professionals, healers and musicians. There is a wide variance in the materials, quality and pitch of the different types of crystal bowls. We can explain the differences and find out what you wish to use the bowl for, so that you are directed to the perfect bowl for your needs.

Any bowl is a major investment. The bowls range in price from $160 to $3000, so whether you are a professional or just want a bowl for your personal use, you will want to choose your bowls carefully. You don’t want to be stuck with one that is not the most suitable alchemy for your purpose or does not resonate with the purest of pitch.

We order our bowls from the most reliable source of high quality bowls in North America. You can place your order with Soul Connection and it will be shipped directly to your home or office. Your price will be quoted in US dollars. The bowls can be shipped worldwide.

If this service is something which interests you give us a call at 519-820-9245, or send us an email

Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls

DVD demonstrating the use and healing powers of crystal bowls by Barbara McKell

A 30 minute Instructional Video in DVD format on the use and methods of working with quartz crystal sound instruments for healing and transformation.

Barbara shares her experience as a Transformational Sound Therapist and how she works with singing bowls in her healing practice.

Video Highlights Include:

Watch a preview :

  • How to sound the bowls
  • Use of the different striker and mallets
  • Types of singing Bowls
  • Resonance and Healing
  • Restructuring water with Sound
  • A Sound Healing Session
  • Group Workshop
  • Group Healing and meditation with the bowls

The cost for the “Sound Healing” DVD is CDN$24.95.  Shipping is $4.00 per item within the United States, $3.50 in Canada, and $7.00 International.

Sound Healing with the Crystal Bowls DVD

*is currently SOLD OUT



Meditations for Children Audio CD

Meditations for Children Audio CDThis CD is a series of four meditations to help children connect with their inner wisdom. The meditations are short and engaging. Children can visit one of theses special places on a daily basis so that they may easily learn the value of regular meditation.

For more information visit

Meditations for Children CD



Chakra Journey

Barbara has created a CD which incorporates Sound Healing with the use of 7 of the Singing Crystal Bowls and Guided Meditation. Barbara’s soothing voice takes you on a journey through your seven soul centers connecting to the colour, vibration and properties of each center.

Once the chakras are aligned and balanced Barbara guides you through the vertical axis, a vertical polarization to the major planes of existence: Earthly, Spiritual and Cosmic.

The cost for the "Chakra Journey" CD is CDN$20.00.  Shipping is $4.00 per item within the United States, $3.50 in Canada, and $7.00 International.

Chakra Journey CD