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Intuitive Healer I

“The Intuitive Healer”

A Three-Day Intensive
with Barbara McKell

This course is for the professional healer, caregivers or for those who want to tap into the unlimited possibilities of personal healing and growth.  A three-day intensive, designed to help you access your ‘Intuitive Healer’.

Intuition plays a major role in how we act and react to the people and events in our lives.  It is not as mysterious as many of us think.  When we learn to use it consciously it begins to make more sense than a fax machine, satellite dish or any other of the technological advances of the modern age.  We are moving from an age of technology to an age of consciousness.  Intuitive Healer, Barbara McKell will teach you how to use your intuition consciously, as a tool to navigate in this changing world.

The course will be experiential in nature and encompass an overview of the subtle energy system and how to use this information for healing.  How to hand sense/see the energy field.  You will have the opportunity to tune into the vibration and frequency of the subtle bodies and determine the appropriate colour/vibration to channel.  Students will chart their own unique perceptions before and after treatment.  We will begin the process of moving into the body. Barbara will offer creative methods to tap into your intuition and unlimited potential in a way that will leave all the participants feeling successful and accomplished.

The course will include understanding and sensing the different levels of light/sound/colour.  Learn how to use breath, sound, colour, words and feelings to effect deeper healing.

In-depth information on the role of the healer will be presented and reinforced with experiential exercises and techniques.  There will be one-on-one exercises in listening and attending.  You will learn how to listen to the messages of the body through the ‘heart of the healer’ and experience the subtle art of listening without attachment or judgment.

You will start each day with a meditation to calm the mind and access higher wisdom.  You will be taught simple exercises to open the energy pathways, raise your vibration and increase your ability to channel energy.

When we come together with a common intent for healing the effect is increased exponentially.  On the final day, students will have the opportunity to participate in the group setting to offer a session to volunteers who are dealing with serious health issues. This will be  your opportunity to experience the power of a group healing session and access the Sacred.  Come with an open heart and mind…  Be prepared to watch the miracles unfold.

A certificate will be issued to all students who complete the course and the required practicum. Students will be offered the opportunity for further training and development of their intuitive skills.

Cost $444 (plus GST) per person.
Registrations must be received and confirmed at least one week before the start of the class. 

Click here to request a registration form by email.

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